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FeedsFacts Blog

An Introduction To FeedsForless.com and the Start Of The FeedFacts Blog!
This Blog is my first so please bare with me!
My intention with this blog is to share ideas and ways for Farmers to Make more intelligent feeding decisions but also to Empower Feed Manufactures and Dealers, Animal Nutritionists To see what is going on and changing in the Global Animal Feed Industry and to share ideas and ways You can Embrace technology to save money and time while providing a better and far more convenient and efficient service to your customer farms!
I aim to show you how we are building solutions to many of the age old problems and frustrations we all know far too well in our industry.
But first I will Introduce you to us and our Mission and Business Model.
Our Mission Statement

​Our mission is to simply Empower farmers to make more intelligent feeding decisions.
We are a Start up AG Tech company that provides a Free cloud based online platform that allows buyers and sellers to come together and purchase, sell, advertise and learn about everything animal feeds. 

We are best described as a combination of Alibaba, EBay, Farmers Business Network, FeediPedia and Trulia all in one! We seek to be a ubiquitous part of the feed buying process.

Buyers come to Research feeds using our Feed Facts database then be able to compare feeds and companies in regards to price, active ingredients, location and from other farmers comments and ratings as well as be able to view a brief on any published research. Then when the farmer is well informed he/or she can purchase feeds without the need to sign in or pay any subscription fees using a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Stripe, Square, bitcoin, FeedPay (our Escrow service) and if the farmer chooses to sign up you can do so with ease using Facebook or your email and phone number or call and we can get you signed up!

Sellers ​​come to reach a large amount of farmers for free and want to increase market share fast, its so easy all you have to do is a contact us with the feeds you have  all relevant information on such feeds, your asking price on those feeds and where they are located as well as whether or not you wish to handle logistics ,and let the leads and sales start pouring in, no cost to list no overhead of a commissioned sales force. E-Commerce is Just starting in the B2B Feed Business and will grow dramatically over the next 10-15 years as farms grow  the Millennial generation takes over management and they become more and more sophisticated with Tech and the pressure of low commodity prices force them to look for more and more ways to lower costs for the same products, they will look to E-commerce like they do in their personal lives to lower costs and save time because of its convenience. Don't be fooled, it is not a matter of if but when farmers will adopt these proven technologies to save them time and money! Feeds For Less is also the perfect platform to target ads for your feeds and use our SEO solutions to get your feed product in front of an interested farmer.
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