Forage First Hay Extender ADM Horse Feed Supplement.

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Forage First® Hay Extender (81681)
A forage source for all classes of horses
  • Consistent, high-quality, alternative fiber-based product to replace home-grown or purchased forages
  • Use as a partial hay replacer for all classes of horses
  • Highly digestible, fermentable fiber sources
  • Less waste compared to long-stemmed hays
  • Can also be used as an ingredient in concentrate mixes
  • 11% protein, 2.5% fat and no more than 30% crude fiber
  • Variable feeding rate, depending on amount and quality of forage replaced
  • Pellet; 50-lb bag



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Cost Per Ton is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

Sold By FeedsForLess.Com Direct. 

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