Dairy Cattle Feeds

  • The dairy Industry
  • Is large with 9.3 Million Dairy cows in the US alone and over 5 Million Replacement heifers as well as over 1 Million Dry cows.
  • Globally there are over 270 Million Dairy cattle as well as nearly 200 Million Replacement heifers and 25 Million plus dry cows.
  • Feeds for less Helps dairy farmers make more intelligent feed decisions as well as a place to purchase all their feeds in a competitive and transparent place.
  • Dairy Cow Feeds
  • Dry Cow Feeds
  • Replacement Heifer Feeds
  • Calf feeds/Milk Replacer
  • Additives
  • Bagged feeds
  • Minerals
  • Forage Inoculants
  • Commodities
  • Custom Mix Bidding Tool
  • Independent Nutritionist Finder
  • Feed Company Finder
  • Ask a Feeds For Less Expert


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