Employment Opportunities

We are Currently looking for talented and passionate people to join our team!

We prefer applicants Located in The Syracuse New York area but some positions for the right candidate working from home or remote with bi-weekly office meetings is also an option. Our office is located in Downtown Syracuse at The Tech Garden a Modern open concept office for CNY startups.

Application can be filled out online.


  1. Web Content Manager-This position will be in charge of all content and products that are on and have to be added to the website. Experience building and maintenance on the Shopify or other ecommerce platforms  would be great but the right candidate can be trained. HTML,Java and CSS coding experience preferred but not required. Salary: Depends on experience $14-23 Hour plus stock options to start much more as we grow.
  2. Commision only on farm salespeople-These positions are perfect for farm sales people, consultants and farmers that want to help out farmers and make some extra money in the process.Every account you Bring with get you a commision of a half of 1 % (or .05%) of all sales to that customer. That may not sound like a lot, but farmers often buy over $100,000 a month worth a feed every month and our website makes it easy for them to do all the work themselves like research, price and purchase, so it is far less work then your normal salesperson job.
  3. Freelance Full Stack Developer- This position would start off as freelance and could develop into a full time position as we grow. Coding experience required HTML,Java,CSS,SQL,.liquid (Shopify's Code) and more would be ideal. Projects would include building the FeedFacts database and creating backend functionality and algorithms that power feed value prediction's, calculated shipping cost and much more! 

Please Call/Text Ryan 315-557-6066 for more information and we will be listing detailed job descriptions soon! or Email Ryan@Feedsforless.com



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