Need Financing?

We are working hard with the leading Ag Lenders to offer farmers that use our marketplace to obtain a secured revolving line of credit to use for pre-paying for feed purchases upfront.

  1. Do only one credit app, buy from any seller. Save time!
  2. Get a 3-5% pay up front discount.
  3. Secured line of credit is less expensive then feed mill unsecured "Vendor credit" option. Much of this is hidden deep in Feed Mills mix margins to compensate for non-payment risk on top of 18% APR interest rates.



 NEW! Click here to apply for net 30 to net 90 net terms

 FundBox offers fast, low cost recurring loans online. Connect your bank account or accounting software and get approved in just minutes!

FundBoxs specialty is small business, 88% of applications get approved!




Use this link here to see what Farm Credit you should apply too.


We are starting with Farm Credit East.

Farm Credit East Website link here for addition info.

Link Here to Farm Credit East Fast App to print fill out and mail in to Farm Credit East 25417 NY-12, Watertown, NY 13601 or   Fill Online




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