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XTRA-7 (Part A) Chlorine Dioxide, 5% Glycerine

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  • This two-part chlorine dioxide teat dip is effective in the prevention and treatment of both mastitis and hyperkeratosis – the roughening of teat ends often caused  by cold weather, over-milking or inadequate pre-milking preparation.

  • Produces powerful germicides once activated, including chlorine dioxide and chlorous acid.

  • Delivers a broad-spectrum kill rate in as little as 15 to 20 seconds.

  • Resistant to breakdown and loss of activity caused by organic matter and soil – unlike iodine and peroxide-based teat dips.

  • The XTRA-7 formula contains a unique blend of emollients and skin conditioning agents including lanolin to soften rough teat ends.

Manufactured By AgroChem, Saratoga Springs NY


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