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10' x 250' Grain Bags - Ipesa Silo

10' x 250' Grain Bags - Ipesa Silo

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Grain Bags – Ipesa Silo


Unlimited Grain Storage for Pennies per Bushel!

IpesaSilo Grain Bags provide a flexible storage system for all kinds of grains. With virtually unlimited capacity, you can conveniently store your crops without having to build more grain bins or silos. Enjoy the flexibility of bagging and storing your grain in or near the field, saving you time and money. With an airtight seal, available oxygen is quickly used up and aerobic microbial activity virtually ceases, ensuring good feed preservation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Co-extruded, five-layer polyethylene film for strength and durability
  • UV stabilized to protect the feed from UV degradation
  • White exterior for maximum sun reflectivity, black interior for opacity
  • 100% virgin resins for consistent quality
  • Tear and puncture resistance allows for maximum capacity filling

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