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60 x 500 HytiDouble 2-in-1 Silage Cover

60 x 500 HytiDouble 2-in-1 Silage Cover

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HytiDouble Silage Bunker Covers


Protect your silage while reducing labor costs!

Protecting your silage and preserving its feeding value is essential, but excessive labor costs and damaged silage film can erode your profitability. The solution is our exclusive HytiDouble 2-in-1 Bunker Cover, made with our 2 Mil Oxygen Barrier Film and our 6 Mil Black and White Silage Film folded onto a single roll. The patented folding pattern allows for an easy and quick, one-pass application that reduces labor costs and all but eliminates the risk of tearing the oxygen barrier film, you will never have to walk across the barrier to lay down the black and white cover.

KSI Supply is the exclusive distributor of HytiDouble 2-in-1 Bunker Covers in North America.

Unlike any other 2-in-1 silage cover

Most competitors use adhesive to hold the two layers of their 2-in-1 silage covers together during bunker application. Often the oxygen barrier does not completely release from the plastic or conform to the silage pile, leaving room for air pockets that cause spoilage. Our HytiDouble Bunker Cover uses only a patented folding process to hold it together, with no adhesives. Simple gravity allows the oxygen barrier film to conform tightly to your silage pile for an air sealed fit with one easy application.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Patented folding pattern eliminates the need for adhesives, allows quick and easy application
  • 2 mil oxygen barrier excludes up to 20 times more oxygen than black and white silage cover alone
  • 6 mil black and white bunker cover protects the oxygen barrier, resisting punctures and tears
  • Black and white bunker cover reflects sunlight and is guaranteed UV stable for 18 months
  • Both the oxygen barrier and bunker cover layers are completely recyclable

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