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Purina Calf Insure Probiotic 25 Lb bucket

Purina Calf Insure Probiotic 25 Lb bucket

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LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure® is an effective way for producers to increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to help maintain gut health as well as improve digestion. Calf Insure® contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins to support immune function and its non-medicated formula requires no withdrawal period.

All bacteria in Calf Insure® have been tested and do not produce harmful D-lactate. D-lactate production and excretion has been linked to acidosis and increased scours in calves. Calf Insure® also is formulated with Bio-Mos® to promote good bacteria and build natural defenses to maximize animal performance.

Active Elements
• Bacillus to help maintain a healthy gut
• Propionibacterium to reduce D-lactic acidosis
• Bio-Mos at 4 grams per day to support gut health
• Vitamin C at 200 milligrams per day to support immune function
• Added B vitamins for appetite improvement

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