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AgriRepel Pest Repellent Bale Wrap 30" x 5000'

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Bale Wrap – AgriRepel Pest Repellent


Quality bale wrap that repels birds, rodents and pests!

AgriRepel Wrap is a premium quality bale wrap film with a non-toxic, organic additive, Combirepel, that safely repels birds, rodents and pests without harming them, your animals or you. All products go through a stringent quality control process that includes testing during production, laboratory analysis and in the field.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic active ingredient
  • Effectively repels birds, rodents and other pests
  • 100% virgin LDPE with UV protection
  • Exceptional tack, even at low temperatures
  • Suitable for individual bales or in-line wrapping
  • Good elongation rate and highly tear resistant



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