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Ajipro-L Rumen Protected Lysine 3G

Ajipro-L Rumen Protected Lysine 3G

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Ajipro-L Rumen Protected Lysine 3G
AjiPro®-L offers dairy nutritionists flexibility and simplicity with feed formulation practices. AjiPro®-L allows nutritionists to raise the proportion of lysine in total MP (Lys/MP ratio) without adversely affecting rumen fermentation. AjiPro®-L helps reduce the use of bypass protein sources in the diet and reduces the excess supply of protein to dairy cows, which would lead to improved protein utilization efficiency and, as a consequence, decreased excretion of urinary nitrogen into the environment.

AjiPro®-L [Feed Grade]

Appearance: White
L-Lysine content: 40% minimum on dry matter basis
Dry matter: No less than 95%
Specific gravity: 1.10-1.15 g/cm3

AjiPro®-L is composed of L-Lysine monohydrochloride (6.11 in AAFCO 2011), vegetable fat (33.2), and soy lecithin (87.5).

25 KG

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