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Aminogain 50 Lb Bag

Aminogain 50 Lb Bag

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The AminoGain product line is focused on balancing amino acids in high-concentrate diets. In these rations, the focus is truly on the “gain.” There will continue to be differentiation between traditional grain-based rations and those rations taking advantage of utilizing higher amounts of co-products. AminoGain products are formulated for lower inclusion within the diet. The days of simply providing a defined amount of crude protein in the diet are antiquated and often result in overfeeding of protein. Diet formulation now encompasses the protein requirements of the rumen microbial population; realizing a significant portion of the animal protein requirement is met when microbes pass into the lower digestive tract (known as microbial protein). However, this microbial protein along with bypass protein (protein from feedstuffs that pass through the rumen unaltered) often lacks the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities to enable cattle to fully realize their genetic potential.

AminoGain technology advances the concept of ruminant amino acid diet formulation. The proprietary knowledge embedded in AminoGain technology unleashes the full genetic potential for production. AminoGain manifests genetic potential for gain, yielding best return on feed consumed through optimized rumen fermentation, maximum microbial protein production and supplying specific bypass amino acids in needed amounts and ratios. Amino Gain technology is the most advanced cattle feeding technology available today. By balancing amino acids in cattle diets based on requirements, maximum genetic expression can be achieved with greater profit potential

AminoGain products perform the best in background lots and feedlots where a TMR (concentrate diet) is fed and rapid rate of gain is desired. AminoGain product classes:
  • Co-product Balancer – Formulated to complement inclusion of co-products in the diet
  • Traditional Balancer – Formulated to complement “traditional” types of feedstuffs used in growing and finishing rations
  • AN – No inclusion of animal protein ingredients in formula
  • Typical product feeding rate is 1-2 lb per head daily

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