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Amonium Sulfate (Henderson, NC)

Amonium Sulfate (Henderson, NC)

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Ammonium sulfate is a form of organic salt that has got several uses commercially. The very common use of the salt is as a fertilizer. This fertilizer has got 21% nitrogen and sulfur at 24%.

Primary use

Ammonium sulfate is usually used on different alkaline soils. When within soil, ammonium ion is then released so as to form acid which goes on to lower the soil pH balance. It also makes a contribution of the nitrogen that is very essential doe the growth of plants. There is a main disadvantage of using the ammonium sulfate is the fact that it has a nitrogen content which is very low relative to the ammonium nitrate and this elevates different transportation costs.

Use in the agricultural field

This fertilizer is used when there is a need for a supplemental N and S so as to meet all the nutritional requirements of the growing plants. The fertilizer contains 21% N and therefore there are other fertilizers that are more concentrated. However, this is an amazing source of S and this has loads of essential functions in the plants and this includes protein synthesis.

The N fraction is also present in ammonium form and therefore the fertilizer is ideal for the flooded soils especially for rice production because the nitrate based fertilizers aren’t a good choice die to the de-nitrification losses.

Sometimes dissolved ammonium sulfate solution is used to the post emergence herbicide sprays s as to make them even more effective.

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