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ADM AN All-Milk Milk Replacer 20-20 w/Bovatec

ADM AN All-Milk Milk Replacer 20-20 w/Bovatec

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AN All-Milk Milk Replacers
AN 20-20 All-Milk
A high-quality, all-milk calf milk replacer that offers an economical alternative to other high-protein milk replacers.
  • 20% all-milk protein and 20% fat
  • Easy mixing using a superior mixing technology for consistent nutrition and performance
  • 100% milk proteins are highly digestible for optimum protein utilization and provides excellent nutrition and health for calves to be used as replacement heifers or for calves in high-stress environments
  • High-energy level necessary to withstand stress
  • Vitamin and mineral fortified to support health, vigor, sound immune system and sturdy frame, resulting in optimum growth
  • Selenium yeast for more bioavailable selenium which is important for immune function
  • Non-medicated and medicated options




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