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Animate Negative DCAD Feed Supplement 55 Lb Bag

Animate Negative DCAD Feed Supplement 55 Lb Bag

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Animate® is a unique and patented anionic mineral supplement designed for transition dairy cow rations. This homogeneous and palatable product contains chloride (Cl), sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and crude protein. Backed by numerous field studies, university research and commercial applications, Animate has proven to help keep transition cows healthy and productive.

  • Highly palatable and readily consumed even in top-dressed situations
  • Homogeneous physical and chemical profile ensures even ration delivery with a uniform and consistent acidification
  • One of the most concentrated commercially available anionic products allowing for easy diet formulation
  • Formulated with proper levels of chloride (Cl) and sulfur (S) for easy and effective negative DCAD ration formulation
  • Provides supplemental levels of phosphorus (P) and magnesium (Mg), key nutrients needed for a complete anionic diet formulation

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