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Bale Wrap (Randi Bale) 30" x 5,000'

Bale Wrap (Randi Bale) 30" x 5,000'

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Bale Wrap – RaniWrap


Protect your bales with top-performing silage wrap!

RaniWrap multi-layer bale wrap stretch film is one of the top products for protecting and preserving the nutrition value of baled forage. RaniWrap is produced in Finland by family-owned Rani Plast, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural film. Their strict quality control includes testing during production, laboratory analysis and in-field testing. KSI Supply is the exclusive distributor of RaniWrap in the Midwest / Grain Belt region. We supply the entire territory between the Dakotas and Michigan on down to the US / Mexico border.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates white spots from mold and yeast and greatly reduces spoilage
  • 100% Premium Quality, Virgin LDPE with UV stabilizer giving you performance consistency and superior strength and density throughout the roll.
  • An Agricultural based glue to give the tack consistency through changes of season, eliminating tails and oxygen penetration in the colder months
  • Suitable for individual bales and in-line wrapping
  • Good elongation rate and highly tear resistant
  • Varity of colors for different cuttings or custom work (White, Natural Green, Dark Green and Black)
  • Fits on all bale wrapper machines

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