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Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Killer

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Bed Bug Killer RTU GAL
Rid your home of bed bugs using the Bonide Bed Bug Killer. Insects such as lice, bed bugs, carpet beetles, and clothes moths can infest a home, creating an unpleasant environment. This item allows you to target and eradicate such pests on contact, with its convenient included spray head. The product is designed to be sprayed directly onto mattresses, carpeting and in the joints of bed frames, and may also be used on storage units such as chests to destroy clothes moths. For added versatility, spray your luggage prior to leaving on a trip, so you do not return with any unwanted visitors. The odorless, water based product is effective for up to 4 weeks, and may be reapplied if needed. Have an insect-free home with help from this Bed Bug Killer.

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