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Beet Pulp is the vegetable matter, which remains after sugar is extracted from sliced sugar beets. This vegetable matter is then made into pellets to improve its nutritional value and handling characteristics. It is high in fiber and unique in that its fiber is extremely digestible

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 7.0%
Crude Fat 0.5-0.6%
Crude Fiber 15.0-20.0%
Ash 4.0-5.0%
Moisture 8.0-12.0%
TDN 74.0%
NEL 0.81 Mcal/lbs.
Calcium 0.6%
Phosphorus 0.1%

 Storage and Handling

Beet Pulp Pellets are available in bulk or in 50 pound bags. Bulk pellets are delivered in hopper; dump or live bottom trailers with each truckload containing about 25 tons or in rail cars containing 85 to 95 tons. Sacked beet pulp pellet truckloads contain about 22 tons. Beet pulp pellets can be ground and delivered in bulk or 50 pound bags.


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