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Biosafe Disease Control for fruits and vegetables

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Biosafe Disease Control RTS 32 oz
DISEASE CONTROL FOR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fruit and vegetables are extremely susceptible to mold, mildew, and other fungal and bacterial diseases. OxiDate® Ready to Use has been proven effective on stopping disease on contact while being eco-friendly. It leaves no chemical residue behind and has used in the professional agriculture industry for over ten years. New OxiDate RTU may be used as a preventative and curative treatment on any type of fruit or vegetable. There has never been a greater need for organic disease control, and OxiDate RTU is the perfect treatment for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers as well as fruit and citrus trees. • Proven Effective and Powerful • Can be Used Around People, Pets, and Wildlife • Convenient & Comes Ready to Use • Leaves No Harmful Residue • Contains No Harsh Chemicals • Alternative to Copper-Based Products



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