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Bone-D-Monium to attract Deer

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Bonedmonium 7#
Bone-D-Monium is a high-intensity attractant and mineral supplement that brings deer in fast and holds them to your property. We have concocted an absolute smorgasbord of natural grains and nutritional supplements to help keep deer healthy while providing the necessary nutrients to grow big racks. It will draw deer in for days after the initial application due to the powerful ingredients being absorbed into the ground, releasing a strong scent that bring the big ones in. Whether you pour this directly on the ground or mix with corn for your feeders the results will be total BONE-D-MONIUM!
eat™ for a tasty smelling treat or just being aroused by the curiosity of deer scents and aromas. Deer are drawn to the smell, and can't resist coming in to see the source!

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