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Dried Yeast 50 Lb Bags 40% Concentrate

Dried Yeast 50 Lb Bags 40% Concentrate

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B&B Dried Brewer’s Yeast is the dried, non-fermentative, non-extracted yeast of the botanical classification Saccharomyces resulting as a by-product from the brewing of beer and ale. Dried Brewer’s Yeast is a high-quality protein rich in B vitamins, minerals and palatability factors. It can be used to improve acceptability and is an exceptionally good source of water soluble vitamins; one of the most potent natural sources of biotin and folic acid.


Can be used in other industrial processes such as paper milling and many more.



Crude Protein 40 % min
Crude Fat 1% min
Crude Fibre 6% max
Typical Analysis, as fed basis
Vitamins Minerals
E 38.8 mg/kg Calcium 0.31%
Biotin 526.65 ug/kg Magnesium 0.23%
Choline 2722.42 mg/kg Phosphorus 0.66%
Folic Acid 926.83 ug/kg Potassium 1.27%
Niacin 54.53 mg/kg Sodium 0.04%
Panothenic Acid 16.03 mg/kg Copper 18.9 ppm
Riboflavin (B2) 5.18 mg/kg Iron 221.67 ppm
Thiamine (B1) 8.4 mg/kg Manganese 17.27 ppm
Carotene 0.91 mg/kg Selenium 0.26 ppm
Amino Acids Zinc 80.63 ppm
Arginine 2.69% Energy
Cystine 0.6% Ruminent TDN 79.1%
Histidine 1.1% Other
Isoleucine 1.86% Ash 5.36%
Leucine 3.03% Dry Matter 93%
Lysine 2.24% Bulk Density 45 lb/ft3
Methionine 0.71%
Phenylalanine 1.99%
Threonine 1.73%
Tryptophan 0.52%
Valine 2.15%

Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacturer (longer if stored in cool, dry place)

Packaging: 40 x 50lb Bags

Revision Date: 19 July 2017




Standard packaging is in 50 lb. paper bags. Bulk or other bag weights are available with proper notice.





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