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Buck Forage Oats 50 lb (out of Stock)

Buck Forage Oats 50 lb (out of Stock)

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Buck Forage Oats 50 lb
Buck Forage Oats attracting whitetails during hunting season is our highest priority. Attraction always comes first!! If attracting deer during hunting season is your goal, the Buck Forage Oats have no peer. But don't take our word. We suggest strip planting Buck Forage next to any clover, blend, turnips, rape, and other planting and especially highly-advertised "super seeds." Then, observe during hunting season for actual utilization. You'll discover how Buck Forage earned it's nickname "The Kill Plot". "Oats always has been the preferred winter forage for whitetails. Now there is a brand (Buck Forage) that not only is preferred over other varieties, but also stands up to colder temperatures. I heartily endorse it!" Dr. James C. Kroll, "Dr. Deer"

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