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Calcium Chloride-(Marshall, TX)

Calcium Chloride-(Marshall, TX)

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Calcium Chloride Technical 94


  • Calcium Chloride
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  • Description: 

    1)Molecular Formula: CaCl2 

    2)CAS No.: 10043-52-4

    3)Brief introduction:

    Calcium chloride is an inorganic salt, which exists as solid or liquid. Solid calcium chloride is a white, crystal substance in the form of flake, granule, pellet or powder. With different crystallized water contents, it can be dihydrate or anhydrous. Liquid calcium chloride is a colorless, clear solution. As calcium chloride has such properties as quick dissolving, exothermic ability, attracting moisture from the air and surroundings, dissolving at very low temperature,


    calcium chloride is widely used in snow & ice melting,  oil & gas drilling, moisture-absorbing,,Mutli-use Dryer, Dehydration agent, cryogen, removing agent, dust collecting agent, polycoagulant,refrigeration, Buiding antifreeze, rubber and petroleum industries. 

    5)Content and shape:

    According to the content of crystal water in calcium chloride and the  shape : 
    (1). Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 
    A. Calcium Chloride Flake Dihydrate 74%min;

    B. Calcium Chloride Granule/Pellet Dihydrate 74%min;

    (2). Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 
    A. Calcium Chloride Powder Anhydrous 94% Min 
    B. Calcium Chloride Pellets Anhydrous 94% Min

    C.Calcium Chloride Granular Anhydrous 94% Min
    6)According to grade: 
    (1). Calcium Chloride Industrial Grade 
    (2). Calcium Chloride Food Grade

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