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CertiFat-S Bypass Fat

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CertiFat-S Bypass Fat
CertiFat-S is a bypass fat that has the following guarantee:

Crude Fat min ................ 99.0%
Free Fatty Acids min ....... 90.0%
C 16 (Palmitic Acid) min .. 30.0%
C 18 (Stearic Acid) min ... 45.0%

Topdress or add into a total mixed ration up to 2 lbs. per head per day depending on the Body Condition, Milk Production and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows. Add at the rate of 0.25 lbs. per head per day until reaching the desired level on supplementation in about two weeks.

Packaged in 50 lb. bags; 40 bags per pallet.



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