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ChlorGuard FILM - Part B Chlorine Dioxide, FILM BARRIER

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ChlorGuard FILM - Part A  Uses the two-part Chlorine Dioxide system in Chlorsan to quickly
form a germicidal film barrier that helps prevent the entry of environmental
and contagious mastitis-causing organisms, and act as a second line of defense.

ChloraGuard Chlorine Dioxide Film Forming Barrier Dip


  • Uses the 2-part chlorine dioxide system in Chlorsan to quickly form a germicidal film barrier to protect against environmental and contagious mastitis-causing organisms.

  • Provides a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, molds, yeast and viruses.

  • Helps soften and exfoliate rough teat ends, and reduces the incidence of hyperkeratosis.

  • Soft film barrier quickly forms and dries without residual tackiness.

  • Water-soluble and easily removed using just water or conventional pre-dips – no peeling required.

  • Requires no peeling, and leaves no particles or residues.



      Manufactured By AgroChem, Saratoga Springs NY


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        Available in units of: 15 Gallon pails 55 Gallon  drums 265 Gallon drums.

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