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Choline Chloride Dry 60% (Henderson. NC)

Choline Chloride Dry 60% (Henderson. NC)

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Choline is important in fat metabolism, energy balance, reproduction and overall animal productivity.


While choline is a relatively simple molecule, delivering a high-quality ingredient to maximize health and nutrition is anything but simple. Balchem sets the highest industry standards for choline production. By sourcing the best raw ingredients, manufacturing them in world-class facilities, maintaining complete supply-chain control and holding ourselves to the strictest manufacturing standards, we can ensure that the product you get is premium quality. Regular audits and our open-door policy offer complete transparency to address your needs. A number of qualities set Balchem choline apart from other options:

  • Guaranteed choline content
  • Excellent free-flowing properties with no caking or lumping
  • Strictest control of contaminants like dioxin, heavy metals and mycotoxins
  • Lowest moisture levels
  • Lowest levels of residual total trimethylamine (TMA) content


Aqueous solution
  • 75% choline chloride
  • 70% choline chloride
CholFlow™ 70% choline chloride
  • enhanced flowability

CholFine™ 70% choline chloride

  • extra fine particles
Vegetable base
  • 70% choline chloride
  • 60% choline chloride
Silica base
  • 50% choline chloride

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