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Colostrum Replacer Calf's Choice Total Hi-Cal Bovine IgG Pail

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Calf's Choice Total HiCal Bovine IgG

  • Calf's Choice Total HiCal not only provides calves with the immunity they need, it's also very high in natural colostral fat and is intended for calves requiring extra energy to get up, suckle, stay warm and stay alive.
  • HiCal may be used to supplement or completely replace maternal colostrum.
  • HiCal is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum. It is an excellent source of IgG (over 85% in the form of IgG1), colostral fat, growth factors, and nutrients needed to improve calf survival, health, growth, and long term performance. HiCal is not a manufactured formula based on blood serum, whey, eggs, vegetable fats or other ingredients not naturally found in colostrum.

Each 700 gram dose contains a minimum of 100 grams of IgG.

Directions for use as a colostrum replacer
Mix 6 level scoops of HiCal into 10 cups of warm water (110-120 degrees F) to provide 200 IgG per feeding.

Directions for use as a colostrum supplement
Mix 1 1/2 scoops of HiCal into 2.5 cups of warm water (110-120 degrees F) to provide 50 IgG per feeding.
Mix 3 level scoops of HiCal into 5 cups of warm water (110-120 degress F) to provide 100 IgG per feeding.

Each pail contains one feeding scoop; there are 78 scoops of HiCal in one pail. A pail has 26 replacer feedings (3 scoops/feeding) per pail.

Ingredients: Bovine Colostrum

Typical Analysis per 700 gram bag
Bovine IgG 15% (105 grams)
Crude Protein 48%
Crude Fat 20%

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