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Convert ImmPower TBC Colostrum Replacement (1 serving 100 IG)

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 Convert ImmPower® TBC Colostrum Replacement For Optimal Calf Health and Performance CONVERT™ ImmPower™ TBC is a source of True Bovine Colostrum™ that incorporates both low temperature (100-110°F) and excellent mixing to reduce clogged nipples and/or tube feeders. Convert ImmPower TBC is a highly available source of immunity (Colostral Ig) and Convert to protect the calf from environmental challenges. It is recommended that Convert ImmPower TBC be fed within two hours of birth to maximize absorption. Due to decreasing efficiency of absorption over the first 24 hours, it is recommended that you feed the maximum desired level of Convert ImmPower TBC for the first feeding, then solely whole milk or milk replacer from the second feeding forward. It is also recommended to fortify the calf’s milk with Convert Ranch Pack through 21 days of age. All colostrum used in the manufacturing of Convert ImmPower TBC is sourced from licensed, grade “A” dairies of U.S. origin.

 Key Ingredients: Ig proteins, specialized proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals and a dose of Convert.
Focus: Colostrum replacement or supplement for newborn calves
Feed Rate: Singles Dose packet (100 grams Ig protein) or bulk pail that allows you to vary the dose from 50 grams Ig protein supplement to 200 grams for replacement.
Product InformationGuaranteed AnalysisBased upon Colostral Ig 100 grams (550 gram feeding)
Crude Protein (Min)..............40%
Crude Fat (Min).....................15%
Crude Fiber (Max).................2.0%
Calcium (Max).......................1.0%
Calcium (Min)........................0.1%
ADF (Max)..............................2.0%
Vitamin A (Min) ...........2,000 IU/lb
Selenium (Min)...................0.1ppm
PackagingConvert ImmPower TBC #3300 (single dose) – 550 gm foil packs – packaged 12 per case
Convert ImmPower TBC #3350 (bulk concentrate) – 29.1 lb (13.2 kg) pail (equivalent to 24 doses at 100g Colostral Ig/16 doses at 150g Ig/12 doses at 200g Ig

  • Studies of Prevention of Failure of Passive Transfer in Neonatal Calves
  • Studies of K99 Escherichia coli Challenge in Neonatal Calves

StabilityStable for three years. Store in cool, dry place. Use reconstituted product immediately - do not store.
Ingredients Dried milk feed grade, Whey powder, Polyethylene glycol, Glycerine, Silicon dioxide, Dried egg product, Flavor, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, Vitamin E supplement, Iron sulfate, Zinc sulfate, Choline chloride, Vitamin A acetate, D-calcium pantothenate, Manganese sulfate, Calcium carbonate, Ascorbic acid, Niacin supplement, Anhydrous dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium oxide, Riboflavin supplement, Sodium chloride, Vitamin D3 supplement, Ethylenediamine dihydroxide, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Thiamine mononitrate, Vitamin B12 supplement, Menadione sodium bisulfate complex, Sodium selenite, Cobalt sulfate, Folic acid.


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