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Digestarom Calf

Digestarom Calf

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Digestarom Calf
Digestarom® is the phytogenic product line of BIOMIN. Digestarom® is based on carefully selected components, combined and standardized using advanced tools to guarantee efficient formulas.

Maintaining normal digestive function is essential for the well-being and top performance of animals. Not only is the uptake and utilization of nutrients maintained when digestive upsets are avoided, there are fewer challenges on the immune system as well. Sub-optimal digestive function can lead to bacterial overgrowth and intestinal destabilization, such as scouring. Therefore, maintaining a stable digestive system is a key factor in protecting animals against enteric imbalances and securing innate performance.
Many flavoring compounds are known to stimulate the production of saliva and gastric juices. Likewise flavour components are also known to positively affect the intestinal microbiota, thus supporting digestion and feed efficiency.
Digestarom® is a specifically formulated palatant to support digestion and feed efficiency. In the Digestarom® product portfolio, BIOMIN provides species-specific phytogenic solutions, as well as multiple-species solutions (Digestarom® P.E.P. line) in order to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.
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