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DL Methionine 55 Lb Bags

DL Methionine 55 Lb Bags

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Methionine is one of the most important amino acids used in complete animal feeds and premixes for all animal species. Methionine is essential or limiting amino acid for poultry and pigs. It serves as a nutrient facilitating the efficient production of high-quality chick meat and pork. It also reduces the amount of nitrogen excreted by the livestock.


Methionine at least 99.0%
Commercial Form 99% feed grade DL Methionine
Description Racemate of the amino acid methionine that occurs naturally
Loss of Drying 0.3% maximum
Ash Content 0.5% maximum
Bulk Density 650 g/l + 10%
Storage Stability minimum 1 year when stored under cool and dry conditions
Chemical Designation DL-2-amino-4-methylithio butanoic acid
Structural Formula CH3-S-CH-2-CH2-CH-COOH I NH2
Empirical Formula C5H11O2NS
Molecular Weight 149.2
Appearance White to slightly yellowish crystals
Odour Typical odour, somewhat like organic sulfur compounds
Solubility 3.3 g in 100 ml water at 20°C
Nitrogen Content 9.4%
Melting Range 266 – 267°C (decomp)


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Cost Per Ton is $FOB (Freight Cost on Buyer) US Dollars.

Sold By FeedsForLess.Com Direct.

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