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DS Sweet Unique 18% CALF STARTER RU

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DS Sweet Unique™
DS Sweet Unique™ Calf Starters and Growers
Complete grain mixes for starting and growing dairy calves.

Highly palatable, cold-pelleted feeds fortified with protein, energy, fiber, vitamins and minerals are specifically formulated for young, growing dairy calves. Economically formulated, DS Sweet Unique Calf Starters/Growers are complete grain mixes in 16%, 18%, 20% and 22% protein formulas, designed for starting/growing dairy calves. The 18% and 20% starter formulas are specifically designed to complement milk replacers while the 16% grower formula is formulated to be fed to calves after weaning. These products offer an alternative to traditional sweet feed with wholesome nutrition accompanied by delicious flavor and sweet
DS Sweet Unique™ Calf Starters
  • 18%, 20% and 22% protein options
  • 1-4 lb per head daily



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