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Enervive Hi Palm Fat 55 lb bags or totes

Enervive Hi Palm Fat 55 lb bags or totes

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Enervive™ Premium Palm Supplement

horizontal ruleLike any high performing individual, meeting a dairy cow’s energy requirements is essential to maximize their performance.  In lactating cattle, this is especially true early in lactation when their energy demand rapidly increases to meet nutrient demands of milk production.  Using a highly concentrated vegetable base fat is a logical choice for boosting the ration’s energy density.  Additionally, research strongly suggests that energy-dense dairy rations that supports appropriate body condition maintenance improves reproductive performance.  Furthermore, it has been seen that unsaturated vegetable fatty acids could have additive effects on reproductive parameters, including follicular size and hormone patterns.

Enervive™ was developed as a premium quality Palmitic Acid to help farmers improve their profitability and maximize their butterfat capacity.  It is a highly digestible, 100% vegetable source fatty acid that is high in palmitic acid.

Pure and highly concentrated, Enervive™ is a premium fat made from the oils of freshly picked palm fruit. Enervive™ is high in Palmitic acid, the component of palm oil that promotes butterfat yields.  Available in two concentrations – 90% or 95%.


  Typical Analysis  
Nutrient Enervive 90 Enervive 95
Moisture, % 1 1
Crude Fat, % 97 98
C16:0 (Palmitic), % 90 Min 95 Min
C18:1 (Stearic), % 4 -
NEL, MJ/KG 25.5 25.5
Melting Point 60 C 61 C



Fat is included in dairy cow diets for its high energy density to provide the animal with the energy needed to regain body condition, support high levels of butterfat yield and maintain regular reproductive functions.

Product Description

Enervive™ is a premium fat produced from palm oil using the latest in fat processing technology. Based on longchain, saturated free fatty acids, Enervive™is in the form of micro-beads with no objectionable odor or taste.


Color/ Aroma
Neutral Odour.

25 kg bags.
625 kg tote bags.

Typical Feed Rate
Lactating: 300 g to 500 g
Calf: 50 g

Bulk Density
470-480 kg/m3

The product is available countrywide and can be delivered quickly to farm or a warehouse by the pallet or container

Download the Enervive ™ 90 & 95 Data Sheet

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For more information on feeding rumen bypass fats, please review this article, Rumen bypass fats: More than just energy sources, produced in the Progressive Dairyman’s Feb. 1, 2016 edition by Dwain Bunting.

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