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Fresh Calc Calcium Bolus

Fresh Calc Calcium Bolus

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Calcium Bolus


The sudden outflow of calcium in fresh cows is a constant battle for the dairyman trying to maintain the health of the cow and steady milk production. Oral calcium supplementation is the best treatment for hypocalcemia in cows still standing. Fresh Calc bolus delivers oral calcium in four different forms allowing for fast, medium, slow release rates to maximize absorption. Minimize lactation downtime by heading off hypocalcemia with Fresh Calc bolus. 

Key benefits

  • More cost-effective than comparable products at only $1.66/bolus (150 count minimum)

  • Four different types of calcium that release at the rates most needed.



  • Resealable containers - $275.00, Quantity 150 or $500.00, Quantity 300

  • Recommend on mature 1,400 lb. animal

  • For fresh cows use at a rate of 2 bolus within 24 hours after calving


A Nutritional bolus that consists of a combination of quick release and slow release calcium. This is a great aid in preventing milk fever.

Each Fresh Calc® capsule contains 25,000 mg of calcium, and is much more reasonably priced than the competitors'. Fresh Calc® formula contains an excellent source of quick, medium, and slow release calcium to help prevent milk fever in fresh cows.


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