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GeoBond (Clay Binder) 55 Lb Bag

GeoBond (Clay Binder) 55 Lb Bag

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GeoBond® is made from all-natural Miocene Diatomaceous Clay that was discovered and developed in a small area of eastern Virginia in the early 1980s.

Improved Performance

GeoBond® is mined, crushed, dried and heat-treated by an exclusive wood burning process. Mechanical re-crushing and environmental processes render this product as a grey, odorless, granular material with a density of about 40 pounds per cubic foot.

GeoBond® absorbs up to 120% of its own weight in moisture and improves conditioning, pelleting, and flow-through performance in feed mills. A university study demonstrated that GeoBond® has a higher pellet durability index than a competing product while providing considerable cost savings.

All-Natural and Safe

GeoBond® does not bind vitamins or minerals and contains safe levels of chemical elements. When assessed for its toxic equivalence factor using the World Health Organization scheme, GeoBond® tested negative for any dioxin and furan pollutants. GeoBond® is OMRI-listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) natural diatomaceous clay consisting of roughly 45% diatomite and 55% montmorillonite. Both substances are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA under CFR 573.340 and 581.1 respectively.

Natural Miocene Diatomaceous Clay Montmorillonite; Exclusive preparation methods result in unique large surface area for effective adsorption of toxins.

Cost Effective

A North Carolina State University feed manufacturing trial showed a 7% increase in pellet output (pounds per hour) when GeoBond® was used as a pelleting aid over one higher-priced additive and an increase in output (pounds per hour) when compared to another higher-priced additive.

University trials have also shown multifunctional performance benefits of improving feed handling and consistency to reduce feed-related stress, without interfering in the bioavailability of dietary nutrients to the animal.

Better than Bentonite

GeoBond® has been proven to be more effective solution than sodium bentonite; GeoBond® has a bipolar charge which allows it a broader spectrum approach when dealing with safe feed challenges. Since GeoBond® is non-swelling clay it does not bind vitamins and minerals. GeoBond® also is very cost effective when comparing it to bentonite.

GeoBond® Versus Bentonite

GeoBond® Bentonite
Absorbent X X
Swelling X
Binds Vitamins X
Binds Minerals X
Polar Charge X
Bipolar Charge X
Pelleting Aid X
Multiple Binder X
Single Binder X

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