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Grain bag (10' x 500')

Grain bag (10' x 500')

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Grain Bags – Klerks


Create flexibility in your grain storage system!

A grain bag storage system gives you the flexibility required to meet changing feed storage needs. BAG ALL Grain Bags have earned a reputation for being more resistant to tears, punctures, and UV rays than competitor bags. The bag also has a larger lay flat, making them easier and faster to install on the bagger tunnel, and creating more area to pack the grain. BAG ALL Grain Bags are manufactured in Belgium by RKW HYPLAST and distributed to the United States and Canada. RKW HYPLAST also manufactures our bunker covers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Triple-layer, tri-extruded, blown polyethylene film provides superior strength
  • UV stabilization protects for approx. 18 months against feed degradation
  • Black color inside provides maximum opacity, while the white exterior reflects sunlight
  • Unique blend of 100% virgin resins is resistant to tears and punctures
  • Bag is exceptionally tear resistant when feeding out
  • High puncture resistance allows tight packing with limited stretching

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