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Hay Preservative – Pro-Fame (Prevent mold for higher moisture baling!)

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Hay Preservative – Pro-Fame


Prevent mold for higher moisture baling!

Hay Preservative Treatments are applied to inhibit mold and decrease dust, helping to maintain the hay's green color and natural smell, and allow for safe baling at a higher moisture content. Propionic acid is widely considered to be the best mold-inhibiting agent available for forage, and has been proven effective against Aspergillus mold, which produces aflatoxin and ochratoxin. Our Chemorse Pro-Fame hay preservative has a 3-4% higher concentration of propionic acid than most competitor hay treatments. Our totes do not need to be returned once emptied.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 68% propionic acid mold inhibitor + 2% buffering agents
  • Inhibits mold, decreases dust and leaf loss
  • Helps keep hay greener and fresher



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