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Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

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Heavy-Duty Dryer

The MaxxDry™ Heavy-Duty uses “Forced Air” technology to gently dry 4 garments in about 1 hour! Dry and warm boots and gloves together! The Heavy-Duty works quickly to remove moisture and perspiration, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria and mold - the primary causes of odor. It includes everything to dry any 2 pair combination of tall and short boots, gloves, or shoes. With an option for mild heat or no heat at all, the Heavy-Duty will not harm breathable Hypalon®, or other linings, neoprene, polyester microfiber materials, woven nylon, expensive leather, canvas, vinyl, rubber, plastics, or, other man-made materials. Enjoy warm, dry, comfortable boots and gloves with no stiffness, no shrinkage and no damage whatsoever.

• Forced air technology
• Dries 4 garments simultaneously
• Heats to 105°F / 40.5°C – will not harm any liners or garments
• Helps reduce odors
• High impact lightweight construction
• Heat / no heat switch
• 3 hour timer
• Model-02146
• Dry time - approximately 1 - 2 hours
• Power - 120V AC household outlet
• Dimensions - 9" D x 10.75" H x 9" W
• Weight - 6lbs
• Max. temperature - 105°F / 40.5°C
• Cord - 6' length
• Quiet - 80,000 hour-rated whisper quiet rotary blower
• 1 Year Warranty

or stiffness and no need to remove shoes or boots promptly. In fact, it can even be used as a storage device for regularly worn footwear. The Boot Dry is quite simple - no moving parts, no noise, just plug it in and you’re good to go! Whether you work or play outdoors, you deserve to start each day with dry, comfortable footwear. The Boot Dry carries a 30 year warranty against defective materials or workmanship.

• Reduces odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
• Removes contaminants like viruses and mold that cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials
• Extends the life of footwear and gear
• Safe to use on materials such as Leather, PVC, Rubber, Neoprene, Canvas, Synthetics, Cloth, etc
• Gentle, thermal convection heats to around 105° F
• Completely silent- no moving parts
• Model – 02147
• Dry time - 6 - 8 Hours
• Dimensions – 9” D x 21” H x 10” W
• Weight – 3 lbs.
• 30 Year Warranty


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