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Silage Inoculant Applicator Pro-Siler

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Pro-Siler Crop Inoculant Applicator 

Pro-Siler™ 1000 Applicator System

o   Sturdy Metal Frame Design and Pump Box

o   Best Used on Self-propelled Choppers
o   Custom Designed Pump
o   Keeps up with 
Large Harvesters

o   Treats 1000 Ton with One Fill
o   10 Gallon Insulated Tank

o   Sight Gauge on the Tank
o   Made in the USA

o   1-year Warranty

This innovative applicator furnished with gauges greatly improves the lifetime of ensiled feed by spraying (inoculating) feed with our SuperSile feed product.


Beneficial bacteria not only preserve feed and thus your dollars, but aid in the overall health and wellness of your livestock. Gut health and immunity are strongly linked to more robust animals, higher quality tissue, and increases colostrum production.

Begin your investment today. 



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