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    Pen Pals® Egg Maker Concentrate (80101)
    A supplement for pullet starter, grower and layer chickens
    • Designed to meet the complete nutritional needs of starting and growing pullets and domestic layers when mixed with grain and limestone and fed according to directions
    • Highly digestible, 38% protein and 3% fat
    • Non-medicated, concentrated supplement containing high-quality multiple protein sources and needed minerals and vitamins to encourage fast efficient growth and maximum egg production
    • Does not contain animal products or animal by-products
    • Follow mixing directions for blending Egg Maker Concentrate with grain and limestone to make pullet starter and grower rations, plus 18%, 17%, 16% or 15% layer rations
    • Crumble or meal; 50-lb bag

    Feed Location Zip Code: 17001

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