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M.E.E.N Green Spray 5 lb

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M.E.E.N Green Spray 5 lb
It’s no secret that a better tasting food plot will increase the likely hood of seeing more whitetails. It’s also no secret that healthier plants tend to taste better! If you’ve ever seen whitetails feeding heavily on one part of a field chances are that area had more fertilizer causing the plants to taste better and be more nutritious. Biologics M.E.E.N. Green contains water soluble phosphorous which helps stimulate root development and increase plant growth. Healthier root systems allow plants to develop faster and more efficiently utilize soil moisture. M.E.E.N. Green also provides plants with key micronutrients that are commonly unavailable in typical soils and ordinary fertilizers. This unique formula makes plants healthier, better tasting and noticeably more attractive. Adding M.E.E.N. Green to your entire food plot or just a small specific area will create a “sweet spot” that deer just can’t resist.

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