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Mepron-improve milk production

Mepron-improve milk production

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Mepron® provides the nutritional requirements dairy cows need to improve milk production.

Methionine is one of ten amino acids essential for dairy cows to maintain optimum health and productivity. Dairy cows acquire the methionine they need through their diet and from digesting microbes washed out of the rumen. Compared to other methionine sources, Mepron® carries a high payload—85% methionine—to deliver this crucial nutrient to the cow. Rumen stability ensures that the proper levels of methionine reach their appropriate destinations. Methionine is required in both the rumen—for the growth of microbes—and the small intestine—for direct use by the cow in the production of milk.

Mepron® is designed to release 15% to 20% of the methionine in the rumen. The remainder is absorbed along the small intestine. Mepron®‘s rumen stability and intestinal availability have been studied and confirmed by many laboratories..

Methionine is not only built into body and milk protein, but is also an important part of enzyme systems that enable cows to get energy from feed. It’s also a component of the immune system, keeping body membranes healthy. Insufficient methionine can impair herd health and diminish reproductive efficiency. This deficiency may also prevent dairy herds from producing to their fullest potential.

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