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Miracle Tip Handle

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Miracle Tip Handle

INDESTRUCTIBLE IS A GREAT WAY TO DESCRIBE BRUSKE HANDLES!™ - Bruske Handles™ are all made of the finest and most durable materials available. They are specially designed and fabricated to out-perform, as well as outlast all other types of handles. They’re tailored to fit the precise needs of the product.

The famous bolt-on “Miracle-Tip” handle is the most innovative and durable product of its kind. This handle eliminates handle breakage, thread-stripping or brushes falling off conventional handles. The Bruske “Miracle-Tip” Handle™ is made to withstand wear that no other handle can possibly take.

There’s a Bruske handle specially recommended for each sweeping or cleaning product. In many instances you have several options of styles or materials from which to choose. Remember to order the proper handle for your choice of product.



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