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Net Wrap Magnet 67" x 7,000'

Net Wrap Magnet 67" x 7,000'

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Magnet 67" x 7,000'


MAGNET™ extra productivity netwrap is American-made round bale netwrap providing the coverage and ease-of-use you need.


  • Extra coverage for minimizing hay spoilage
  • Tight and secure wrapping
  • High UV stabilization for tough weathering conditions
  • Reduced leaf loss
  • Fast and efficient hay wrapping
  • End of roll red color alert stripe
  • Non-slip carrying handles for safe handling and easy loading

Benefits of Net Wrapped Bales:

  • Increases production time requiring only 2 ½ wraps per bale versus 16 or more with twine.
  • Less bale wrap reduces wear and tear on equipment.
  • Net wrapping process provides a well shaped bale that is easily transported
  • Saves money by repelling moisture to maintain hay quality throughout the feeding season.
  • Quickly remove netwrap from the bale making disposal more efficient than twine.
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Each roll is core tagged to a specific production run.

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