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Net Wrap Tama/Bridon Max 64" x 9,700'

Net Wrap Tama/Bridon Max 64" x 9,700'

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Tama/ Bridon Max 64" x 9,700'

Tama is the world leader in the manufacture of round bale netting and was first to introduce many product innovations now sought out by experienced users whenever they buy round bale nets. These innovations include the red end warning stripe, the unique Zebra marking system, and most significantly - the patented TAMANET EDGE TO EDGE™ technology. Tama's EDGE TO EDGE™ has set a new standard for qualify and performance of round bale netwrap. With this new concept it is now possible to

Tama® Net Wrap is a completely unique product that is extremely popular for the reason that it includes a red color alert warning the operator before the rolls run out, and the patented TAMANET EDGE TO EDGE™ technology. Zebra Net Wrap includes colorful stripes to indicate the left and right sides of the roll, aiding in loading the roll correctly and providing visibility when coming off the roller. Every roll carries its own unique ID on the inside of the core. Our Golden Harvest Net Wrap comes in 4 models of varying sizes and makes the "Perfect Bale" every time.

Benefits of Net Wrapped Bales:

  • Increases production time requiring only 2 ½ wraps per bale versus 16 or more with twine.
  • Less bale wrap reduces wear and tear on equipment.
  • Net wrapping process provides a well shaped bale that is easily transported
  • Saves money by repelling moisture to maintain hay quality throughout the feeding season.
  • Quickly remove netwrap from the bale making disposal more efficient than twine.
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Each roll is core tagged to a specific production run.

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