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Net Wrap Tenax 57" x 5,000'

Net Wrap Tenax 57" x 5,000'

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Net Wrap Tenax 57" x 5,000' Feedx


TENAX Extruded Bale Net Wraps are designed to work with popular hay balers for wrapping bales of hay, straw, and silage, while reducing crop loss.

TENAX Extruded Bale Net Wrap is designed to provide a higher quality result at a lower cost.

TENAX Extruded Bale Net Wrap is suitable for all crops (hay, straw, silage) under all weather conditions and enhances water shedding ability.

Most durable netting on the market
Strong vertical and horizontal ribs
UV stabilized with black colorant
Lasts 2 -3 years on bale
Move the bale several times without degradation
Easy to chop and cut
Fast and easier removal in cold, snowy weather or freezing temperatures
Extruded netting with semi-rigid structure

Production run traceability

Easier to remove from the bale than other products
Extruded net wrap bale can be handle droughly in frozen temperatures
Semi-rigid design means full coverage of bale without using additional netting to cover the edge
Net wrap bales create a protective “thatch” toshed moisture
Less wraps required on your bales
Less wraps = netting saved = money saved

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