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New Heritage Feed Co Rabbit Complete Pellet

New Heritage Feed Co Rabbit Complete Pellet

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  • Natural and Nutritious – Raise your rabbits the way nature intended, naturally
  • Specially Formulated – Ideal in all stages of life; an excellent choice for does and litter, fryers, breeders, and of course growing and finishing 
  • Locally-Sourced Premium Ingredients – The key to superior rabbit health is outstanding nutrition
  • Boost your Rabbit’s Health Naturally – Prebiotics, inulin and fructooligosaccharide (fos), are all-natural, chicory-derived, and formulated to boost your rabbits’ overall health; no antibiotics or medications; only natural ingredients grown in the Midwest

New Heritage Feed Company cares about you, your animals, and your community. We are committed to providing an all-natural, superior quality feed for your rabbits’ nutritional needs. Our rabbit pellets are nutritionally complete and the perfect choice throughout all stages in a rabbit’s life. New Heritage Feed Company has partnered with nutritionists who specialize in essential oils and animal health. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients will keep your rabbit happily hopping all year round.

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