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Novus Agrado Plus 2.0 55 lb bag

Novus Agrado Plus 2.0 55 lb bag

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AGRADO® Plus 2.0

AGRADO® Plus 2.0 is a granular feed ingredient that contains a proprietary blend of synergistic antioxidants in combination with a free metal chelator. Its antioxidants deliver superior efficacy for both animal - and plant - sourced fats, protect key ingredients such as vitamins from oxidation and reduce harmful reactive oxygen species that can negatively impact animal health and productivity. Its metal chelator also deactivates free metal ions that act as pro-oxidants and radically increase the rate of oxidation.

With the high cost of today’s feed ingredients, getting the most nutritional value from the ingredients is essential to maximizing profitability. However, it is also critical to keep animals healthy and producing. The addition of antioxidants to the diet can help save money as well as maintain health and productivity.

Fat soluble vitamins are susceptible to oxidative damage and loss of activity when exposed to conditions that favor oxidation. Antioxidants have the ability to protect vitamins from oxidative degradation because they remove free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative damage. Antioxidants, like AGRADO® Plus 2.0 antioxidant feed ingredient, are an important tool for protecting ingredients as well as improving feed efficiency, digestion and gut function.

For more information on AGRADO® Plus 2.0 click here.

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