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Oxygen Barrier 2 Mil Thick 50 Feet Wide 200 Feet Long Bunk Silo Plastic (More Sizes Available)

Oxygen Barrier 2 Mil Thick 50 Feet Wide 200 Feet Long Bunk Silo Plastic (More Sizes Available)

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Oxygen barrier film

At Farm Plastic Supply, we understand that preserving forage is a critical mission and a must in order to maintain your farm. Oxygen barrier film plays just as important of a role in protecting your feed as bunker covers. The purpose of oxygen barrier film is to reduce dry matter loss and protect the vital nutrients found in feed. Our team of agricultural plastics suppliers works to distribute the best possible silage plastic to eliminate as much oxygen entrance into feed as possible.

Features and benefits of our oxygen barrier film:

  • Supreme supplies: All of our oxygen barrier film is made of top quality silage plastic that eliminates surface spoilage. To do this, our film contours the forage and fills any gaps left during the packing. The regular plastic used by other companies producing grain covers doesn't cling well to the silage, leading to surface spoilage.
  • Varied Dimensions: oxygen barrier film is sold to suite all farmers, with a full-range of sizes-
    • 2 mil thickness
    • Widths of 40, 50, 60, and 65 feet
    • Lengths of 200, 500, and 1150 feet

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