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PowerFat Calcium Salts by pass fat (Generic Megalac) By the Container 28 tons

PowerFat Calcium Salts by pass fat (Generic Megalac) By the Container 28 tons

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We sell by the container, a container has 28 tons, comes in 55 lb bags.

Shipping is between $50-150 per ton depending on how far from a port you are.


PowerFat is a rumen protected bypass fat (calcium soap/calcium salt), providing energy for improved milk yield, fertility and general health.

What Is PowerFat?

  • PowerFat is a calcium salt (or soap) of palm fatty acids. It is made by reacting fatty acids with calcium. This is different compared to bypass fat made from fractionated palm fat or fractionated palm fatty acids.
  • PowerFat is a rumen inert fat. It bypasses the rumen but is broken down in the abomasum to release the fat and calcium for digestion.
  • PowerFat's fatty acid are easily absorbed from the intestine to provide energy for the dairy cow. (95% digestibility)

Why Feed PowerFat?

Decades of research and trial test on farms demonstrates many benefits of feeding PowerFat to dairy cows such as increased in yield, improve fertility and overall better health in general. PowerFat avoids the negative effects on fibre digestion associated with many unprotected fats and oils.

Increased Yield
  • PowerFat supplies energy to the dairy cow during lactation period. Hence, the milk production will increase.

  • PowerFat improves palatability of other feedstuff, thus further increasing the energy supply.

  • Several research studies showed an average increase in milk production of around 2.3 litres/cow/day by feeding PowerFat to dairy cows

  • Recent studies even showed an average increase in milk yield of more than 4 litres of milk/day when PowerFat was added to the ration.

Improved Fertility
  • By increasing the energy supply, it helps reduce body condition loss
  • Improving the energy balance would increase the chances of a successful pregnancy
  • By feeding PowerFat, it would help increase progesterone, an essential hormone for pregnancy
  • A study was conducted where dairy cows were offered 500g of PowerFat for 125 days from calving, showed an increase in pregnancy rate.
Improved Health
Based on several studies, PowerFat has shown to be an excellent ingredient to help formulate a balanced diet for dairy cows. This contributes to the general wellness of the dairy cows.

When To Feed

  • Milk yield increases tremendously right after calving, while dry matter intake increases at a slower rate. This causes an 'energy gap' during the early lactation phase. This is when the body reserves of dairy cow is used for milk production.
  • PowerFat can be used through out the lactation period. However, it is the most effective during early lactation phase.

Typical Feed Rate (g/head/day)

Ideally PowerFat should be incorporated into the ration over a few days to help acclimatise the animal to the new ingredient.
Research work indicates that the amount of fat to supply should equal the amount of fat produced in the milk. Fat may come from the diet or from body fat reserves

The Product

Calcium Salt of Long Chain Fatty Acid is a popular feed supplement among global dairy farmers and animal feed manufacturers over the past decade as it is a relatively cheaper and effective way to introduce fats to dairy cows’ diet so as to boost their energy level, hence enhancing their ability to produce more milk and also recover faster after calving.

Typical Analysis (%)

ME 7.1 Mcal/kg
Moisture (%)
4 - 5 Max
Calcium (%)
8 - 10
Ash (%)
Max 13
Fat (%)
Min 84.5

Fatty Acid Profile 

~30 - 48


  • 25 kg paper bag with PP-Woven inlay


  • Store in a cool and dry place, in original unopened bags, without direct exposure to sunlight
  • Soft lumping may happen if it is stacked too high with many bags.

Shipping & Returns

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