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Premium Timothy Balance Cubes

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Premium Timothy Balance Cubes
A consistent, convenient, low in non-structural-carbohydrates feed. Made with our very best Premium grade Timothy hay, Beet Pulp (no molasses), and specific minerals and amino acids. Specifically formulated for horses with Equine Cushing's Disease, Insulin Resistance, and other related conditions where a nutritious diet low in non-structural carbohydrates is recommended or essential. Crude Protein: (Min) 9% Crude Fiber: (Max) 30% Crude Fat: (Min) 1.8% Moisture: (Max) 12% INGREDIENTS: Premium Timothy; Beet Pulp (no molasses); Hydrated Lime; Sodium Phosphate; Magnesium Oxide; Copper Sulphate; Zinc Sulphate; Manganese Sulphate; Selenium; Iodine. RECOMMENDED FOR: All horses as a forage replacement or supplement. Specifically formulated for horses with Equine Cushings Disease and other related conditions where a nutritious diet low in non-structural carbohydrates is recommended. FEEDING: Feed at 1.5 to 2% total body weight per day. Feeding in a bucket or feed tub, preferably at ground level is recommended. WHY USE ONTARIO DEHY’S TIMOTHY BALANCE™ CUBES? Ontario Dehy’s Timothy Balance Cubes are processed under the most rigorous ISO 9000 quality assurance policies and procedures using only the best Timothy hay grown in the Canadian Prairies, most on plant owned land. Ontario Dehy’s Timothy Balance™ cubes are formulated to provide a convenient and consistent feed solution for horses suffering from Equine Cushings Disease, Insulin Resistance, Laminitis and other related conditions.
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Delivery options/Information

Buying 1-10 bags we can UPS. (The cost will be calculated when you add the amount you want into the shopping cart and go to checkout, note this is before you enter any payment info).

Buying 11 or more bags if you are out of our farm route delivery area in upstate NY, we can arrange LTL deliveries to the lower 48 and most of Canada.

The lowest cost per unit way for us to deliver would be a full pallet, as it costs about the same to ship 2,500 lbs on a pallet as it does 1,000 lbs!

Please in the delivery notes say if you do not have a business/farm with a way to unload a pallet, as that will change the shipping price as the LTL shipper will charge for lift gate service.

LTL shipping for a 2,500 lb pallet generally costs between $60 for a delivery in the Northeast to a business with loading docks, all the way to $700 for a 2,500 lb pallet being delivered to a residential home with liftgate service needed in a rural area on the west coast. The only way to know for sure until we get a real time rate calculator API in the shopping cart is to email us what you want and how much and where you want it and if you have a business with a loading dock and of course your ship to address and we will ASAP go online and do a rate quote usually 2-6 hours we get back with an exact price.

You can mix and match most products to make a full pallet, you do not need to buy a pallet of everything, we can pick and pack to create a full pallet to save you time and money.

Mix and Match pallet's may take longer to ship, as there maybe 3-4 manufactures we have to get products from and lead times may vary, as only a few companies keep track and report to us what their real time inventory is, and as we sell 13,000 plus products we cannot afford to inventory the majority of them. Depending on where you are Northeast US we aim to deliver Mix & Match within 5 business days, midwest 5-7 business days, west coast and Canada typicly take 10 buisness days currently but we are trying hard to cut that time down.

Bulk grain orders are fulfilled mostly by local feed mills and they generally require a min order of 3 tons and up to 30 ton total and when shipped request and auger or blower truck if it is needed, auger trucks it is best to order in 3 ton increments, and you can buy multiple different feeds on the same truck all in 3 ton increments.

Bulk sawdust is from Quebec Canada and is shipped by walking floor semi from Ohio to Maine and it is best to order a full load 147 yards but smaller loads can be shipped but the trucking cost is the same but divided between fewer yards.

And questions please call 315-557-6066! or email Ryan@feedsforless.com



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